Employers guide to taking on an intern – what you need to know

31st January 2022
Employers guide to taking on an intern – what you need to know

We take a look at the value internships can offer your small business and how internships work.


Should you consider bringing an intern into your business?
An internship is a win-win situation, and it can certainly be a viable option for a small business. The business gets an extra pair of hands to fulfil a short-term resourcing need or to take on a particular project that keeps getting put on the back burner because no one has time to do it in addition to their ‘day job’.

It’s also a great way for a small business to get new ideas, gain a fresh perspective and to bring in skills it currently doesn’t have – knowledge of how to exploit some of the latest technology, for example. An internship can also help a business identify possible future candidates who can help grow the company and eventually take on a permanent role.

In return, the intern gets some solid work experience to put on their CV, as well as the chance to develop knowledge of their chosen profession and to make some valuable contacts in their sector. They also get the opportunity to improve their future employability by developing their skills in key areas such as commercial awareness, communication and customer service.


How internships work

A HIP internship is a work placement that lasts for 12 weeks. It’s an opportunity that is commonly sought after by graduates or degree level students who are looking for some experience that will help give them a leg up into their chosen profession.

Internships vary in job specification, with some asking interns to shadow existing staff and others asking them to oversee tasks or projects. Our internships are tailored to your business need.

Step 1.
Eligibility & enrolment
You will be assigned an Account Manager who will assess your eligibility and get you through the enrolment process.

Step 2.
Skills and productivity consultation
We will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to understand the talent and skills your business needs. We’ll provide you with impartial advice and guidance all the way. We’ll help put together your job description and ensure any risk assessment needed is in place.

Step 3.
Internship implementation
We’ll submit your job to hundreds of students and graduates to find the right talent for you. We will arrange the candidate interviews with you, so that you have bright, ambitious talent ready to start work.

You can mentor and train your intern and if all goes well you can hire them after they graduate. If your intern is already a graduate, you could offer them a permanent role as soon as their internship is complete.

Are internships paid?

You wouldn’t expect to pay an intern the same salary as a full- time, experienced employee. They are, after all, new to the world of work and will need help and support to develop their skills. But they do add value to the workforce and can quite quickly become productive employees.

The salary you choose to pay your intern is ultimately down to you. At a minimum they must be paid at the National Living Wage. Consider the skill level required, the experience needed, the responsibility and the industry you’re in to offer a salary that will attract the talent you need.

And, when you place an intern through HIP, we will pay 40% towards the salary costs (based on the National Minimum Wage).


Who will my vacancy be advertised to?

HIP Internships will be advertised to Humber based second and third year under-graduates and students who graduated recently. This will include students from the University of Hull as well as those studying with another provider or coming back to the area after graduating further afield.


Is my business eligible?

HIP can support small or medium size enterprises (SMEs), which are based, or are planning to locate, in the Humber, Hull, East Riding, North or North East Lincolnshire.


How do I claim the 40% contribution?

The HIP Team will support you to do this and it’s pretty straightforward.

You can claim the agreed subsidy back monthly or at the end of the 12 weeks.  You provide the HIP Team with evidence that you have paid the intern, along with a simple claim form, and we will pay you the grant element.  From when you send us a claim it will take a maximum of 4 weeks until you are paid.


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