Humber Internship scheme is providing a boost for local business

8th November 2022
Humber Internship scheme is providing a boost for local business

A part-funded internship scheme, run by The Humber Internships Programme (HIP) is providing crucial support to small businesses across the Humber region.

The University of Hull’s SME Internships Programme provides graduates (and those soon-to-be) who live in the Humber with the opportunity to secure paid internships in small to medium sized business in the region.

The scheme, which is designed to boost enterprise, employability and innovation, has helped over 40 businesses to find skills and resource through new and emerging talent.

It gives students and graduates the opportunity to put theory into practice, working in a real business and providing valuable support to organisations in a range of areas from strategic operations and brand development to digital marketing, social media strategy, logistics and IT.

Internships are a proven solution

Diana Taylor of Marketing Humber (Bondholder Scheme Ltd), dedicated to the promotion of the Humber region, has taken on intern Saffron Rose Gregg, a Business and Marketing postgraduate from Hull, to work in the organisation on a 12-week internship over Summer 2022.

She said: “This is my first year working with an intern from the Humber Internships Programme. The HIP team are extremely helpful in making the process as easy as possible and Saffron was able to start her internship with us within a month.

“I’ve been impressed with the energy and enthusiasm Saffron is bringing to her role, she is keen to learn and add her own ideas. It’s very rewarding for us to be able to provide a meaningful summer internship that offers a genuine learning experience with a permanent role when the internship ends.”


Saffron Rose Gregg, Marketing Intern at Marketing Humber


Describing the motivation behind her internship with Marketing Humber, Saffron said: “The Humber Internships Programme jumped out to me as a great opportunity to continue to apply my knowledge and experience of marketing. Working for Marketing Humber has been the perfect experience of transitioning from student life into the world of work.

“I’m gaining valuable experience and making great contacts along the way, and of course, the income is helping me afford items I wouldn’t have previously been able to buy and has offered an insight into what money I could earn going into a career I really want. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about completing an internship in the future!”

Following Saffron’s successful 12-week internship, we are pleased to hear that Saffron has accepted a permanent role with Marketing Humber.

Helping people and businesses prosper

Over 80% of interns have received a permanent offer of employment within the respective SME organisation following their internship.

Pauline Mitchell, HIP Programme Manager at the University of Hull said:

“Initiatives like the Humber Internships Programme provide graduates and under-graduates with new opportunities to secure valuable work experience and benefits employers at the same time through fresh perspectives, new ideas and insights which helps to drive growth in local SMEs.”

The University of Hull secured funding from the European Social Fund to support the initiative, enabling the Humber Internships Programme to part fund internships with SME clients across the Humber region.

Free support and funding available

Through the internship scheme, SMEs are being encouraged to tap into the skills and expertise of graduates and under-graduates who can provide assistance in a range of areas, including marketing, finance, engineering and business planning.

A 40% contribution to intern costs means that HIP internships provide a cost-effective way of employing a highly motivated graduate who is keen to make a contribution. The short-term additional support of an intern can be the perfect way for small businesses to complete a specific project or overcome increased workloads.

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