9 ways you’re impacting the future workplace

10th January 2023
9 ways you’re impacting the future workplace

You’ve worked hard in 2022 and made some amazing achievements along the way. The class of 2023 will graduate over the coming months, so the job market for new talent is getting HOT as a new generation start to seek job opportunities.

But, let’s take a little breather to celebrate all the ways:

  • you’ve improved, innovated, pivoted
  • you’ve learned, implemented, proven
  • you’ve been motivated, inspired, driven
  • you’ve built, discovered, connected
  • you’ve made internship and job dreams come true!
Nathan Honest, Operations Executive Intern with Kinata founder Simon Hudson.


#1 You’re launching careers for a generation

Our interns are usually recent Graduates (or soon to be). They all need to start somewhere, and you’re making that happen across the Humber region! Thanks to your investment you’re providing opportunities to bring a new generation into the workforce.


#2 You’ve helped dozens gain real work experience through the Humber Internships Programme.

By providing internships you’re helping to bridge the gap between education and employment, and, opened doors to opportunity:

🙌 “My internship has opened my eyes to how the real world of marketing works. What you learn in the classroom is useful, but applying it is a whole different thing.”

🤝 “I’ve learned so much and gained so many skills that will stay with me for life.”

🤩 “I am helping the business expand to the Australian Market which is incredibly exciting!”

Thanks to you, the Humber Internships Programme is one of the best ways grads can find internship opportunities with SME businesses in the region.


#3 Your business is achieving more

By bringing Graduate talent into your business you’ve developed, boosted productivity, increased sales, reached new customers and nurtured existing ones.

“Our intern has bought huge benefit to the team, simply by freeing up time for our other employees to focus on large projects.

Our intern also wrote some fantastic blogs/news articles for our socials and website, specifically the competitor analysis. The intern also contributed to tender writing and supported our team to finalise a joint venture. “

Simon Hudson, Founder of Kinata.


#4 You’re empowering graduates

Interns are new to the world of work and wondering how to start their career, we’ve all been there. But it’s fair to say that recent Graduates have endured more than most.

COVID-19. The class of 21, 22 and 23 have all suffered the consequences of the pandemic; exams cancelled, lectures moved online, little or no work placement opportunities and limited social interaction.

By welcoming an intern into your business, you are immersing them in an opportunity that will provide a life changing experience. By listening to their ideas you’ve encouraged them and provided a safe environment to test their thinking.

“This internship really boosted my confidence, and I genuinely feel like part of the team – I’m so grateful for the experience!”


#5 You are future proofing your business

You’ve embraced non-traditional pathways of sourcing skills and internships are helping you develop a talent pipeline that will contribute to the growth and success of your business for years to come.

“Taking on an intern allows you to help grow and develop an individual, allowing them to secure a better future career and improving job prospects for the future. You’re investing in the future of the intern’s career and the future of your business.

“In our case, the demands within the role weren’t huge initially but, over time, it has developed into an important and demanding position as our business has grown. It has also given our intern a chance to understand all aspects of our business and the different challenges that face us (stock management, costings, customer/supplier relationships) all areas that have a knock on effect on the success of a product.

“It’s one of the most cost effective ways of growing a business whilst plugging skills gaps.”

Helen Johnson, Product Manager, Creme d’Or.

Moradeke Okupe MSc Marketing & Advertising, currently an intern at Peak Earth.


#6 You’re creating an inclusive workplace

By using the Humber Internships Programme to find new talent for your organisation, you’re on the front lines of supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion…in society and at your workplace.

Our number 1 priority is to find you talent with the right skills, expertise and qualifications. We operate a recruitment process where our adverts reach a diverse pool of talent and our process is fair and consistent to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and equally.

We’re boosting social mobility together.


#7 You’re recruiting new professionals with specialist skills

Attracting sought-after skills in today’s climate in no mean feat.

Yet you’ve gained a wide range of skills from engineers and marketeers, number crunchers, techies, project managers and more, all through the Humber Internships Programme.

Airco, an air conditioning and refrigeration company in Hull found ‘rare’ skills through the Humber Internships Programme to progress their NetZero ambitions:

“Our intern’s knowledge in renewable technologies is absolutely first class, to which she has applied into the business and accelerated a variety of projects.”


#8 You’re helping to keep skills in the region

“The Humber is a fantastic place to live and work and you’ve created opportunities for new talent so they no longer need to leave the region in order to further their ambitions.

“Internships provide a win-win for business, the economy, and for our community.”

Gill Dillon, Senior Adviser for Employment and Skills at HEY LEP.


#9 Internships offer a learning experience for you too

The older we get, the more we discover that when we pay attention to the people around us we can draw inspiration, learn valuable lessons, and become better at what we do – graduate talent is no exception.


Cheers to you!

Let’s celebrate the wins, and get ready for another year of unknowns with what we DO know: You need early talent, and early talent needs you. We’re in this together.

We’re here to help you build the next generation of the workforce! Talk to us, and get ahead.

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