Doing an internship can be a great way to get a feel for the sector you are interested in. And, students who have done an internship are three times more likely to get the top jobs – so it’s definitely worth trying to get some experience.



SMEs make up 98% of all businesses in the Humber so there’s there’s plenty of hands-on experience that SMEs can offer to graduates and students. While you might think that some experience at a big, well-established firm will make your CV look more credible, some experience in the challenging, fast-paced SME world comes with its own set of perks. Check out our top 5 reasons why we think you should consider doing an internship with an SME:


#1 You’ll get real insight.

By being part of a smaller team, you are much more likely to get real hands-on experience and work with people who are doing lots of different tasks and be exposed to different parts of the company.

You’ll learn about the culture, how they work, and what sort of candidates they are looking for – this will give you a head start if you choose to apply for graduate jobs at similar companies!


#2 You’ll be doing impactful work.

SMEs can be a great place to get a really meaningful experience.

Due to the nature of a small workforce, interns are usually given a chance to voice their opinions and pitch their ideas. Your contributions can be really impactful, making your experience as an intern much more rewarding and fun.


#3 You’ll learn new skills.

At a small business, you’re likely to learn a bit about the functioning of other departments.

You might be taught new skills or asked to work on a project in an area of business you haven’t tackled before.

SMEs are also more likely to show you the ropes and let you take over specific tasks. Such an experience will make you self-sufficient and you’ll learn how to make yourself accountable.


#4 It’s an exciting environment.

SMEs are fast-paced and often are still evolving and growing. Being involved as an intern can be a great experience because you get to watch the business change even over the duration of a short internship.

You will be involved with new projects and ideas, meaning that your work will be varied as the business requires you to take on new responsibilities.


#5 Your new contacts will be valuable.

You will get to know your colleagues really well. The contacts you make during your internship will be strong and very valuable because the people you meet might be able to give you more opportunities.

It is also common for internships to become permanent positions, so if it goes well, you may end your internship with a job! SMEs are often pools of up and coming talent, so getting to know the people you work with will give you a brilliant network for the future.


An SME isn’t one size fits all, there’s a huge difference between working in a micro organisation with just 4 employees and an SME with 249 employees across 6 offices, but through the Humber Internship Programme you can spend 12 weeks in an organisation getting an idea of the work environment you thrive in, and the type of role you’re passionate about, and it may end up being the first step on your career ladder.

Talk to us and find out more about the benefits of a Humber Internship.